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Acea Run Rome The Marathon, thanks to its charity relay, will be suitable for everyone. A chance to bounce back and redeem Rome and Italian sport in solidarity


ROME – Rebirth and joy with friends at dawn, in Rome, the most beautiful city in the world. This is the new emotion that will be experienced on Sunday 19 September 2021 thanks to the Acea Run4Rome Relay, the relay marathon combined with the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the Rome marathon.

The relay is the event for everyone. The first gateway to the glory of the marathon, it will be the moment of rediscovered friendship, of the new challenge of four friends who together join forces and energy to enjoy and conquer Rome, the Eternal City, in the early hours of the day.

OPPORTUNITY AND REDEMPTION – The Acea Run4Rome will be the moment of reunion and redemption after the difficult months of the pandemic, it will be the result of training during the long summer period, of hope and revival, of enjoying the sun and the light, of returning to life.

The largest Italian sporting event, the first major international marathon of the year, with a charity project at the centre, with the Charity Programme, and an inclusion project that will allow beginners, walkers, athletes in general, and competitive runners to be the stars of the show in a day of well-being and fun. An event that is a great opportunity, perhaps for those who don’t currently run but who have always dreamed of doing so, for those who think they can do it just by walking, for those who believe they cannot do it and instead, dragged along by the members of their team, will succeed in the endeavour.

REGISTRATION OPEN – Acea Run4Rome, organised by Infront Italy, Corriere dello Sport, Atielle Roma and Italia Marathon Club, postponed in March 2020 due to COVID-19, is officially reopening registrations for the September Special Edition with departure scheduled at dawn for marathon runners and at about 7.30 am for the relay.

THE TEAM – Your dream of running and crossing the finish line of a major international marathon can become a reality. All you have to do is create your own team of four people and run the four stages of 7 km, 13.3 km, 10.3 km and the last, the grand finale, of 11.595 km for a total of 42.195 km. It can be with your girlfriend and her friends, with your husband or your work colleagues, with your family or with your football or gym buddies who, during these months spent in lockdown, have had very little time to see each other. Running is one of the few sports that are still possible today. Teams will be formed for a chance at a new outlook, for friendships rediscovered after so many months, for shared training sessions, perhaps still divided and individual, but done at the same time and shared on social networks.

REGISTRATION – Rome and its Acea Run4Rome relay are preparing the charity challenge where solidarity also comes into play; registration will only be possible through the non-profit organisations that have joined the Charity project. The registration fee is freely determined by each Charity: it is not a simple registration fee, in fact, but a real donation to one of the many charitable projects that you can choose to support.

For the Special Edition of 19 September 2021, the number is limited to 1000 teams only. To register, you must choose the non-profit organisation for which you want to run on the website and contact it by email. As soon as the payment is made, a code will be assigned to you, which must be entered on the ENDU website to complete the registration. To date, the participating non-profit organisations include: Airc, Operation Smile Italia Onlus, the Bambino Gesù Onlus Foundation and Sport Senza Frontiere.

2020 REGISTRATION CONVERSIONAll athletes registered for the 2020 edition of the event will be able to convert their registration to the 2021 edition for free by 31/05/2021 or at a cost of €40.00 per team from 01/06/2020 to 10/09/2021, a cost related to event management expenses. Alternatively, by the date of 23/04/2021, free of charge, the athletes registered for the 2020 edition will be able to request the conversion of their registration to the edition of 27 March 2022

All teams registered for the 2020 edition will receive a communication via email with the instructions to confirm their registration in 2021 or postpone it to the 2022 edition. This communication will be sent only to the “captain” who managed the registration of the team.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon would like to thank the Title Sponsor Acea, the Technical Sponsor Joma, the Main Sponsors Upim and Named, the Official Radio Radio 105, the Official Water Acqua San Benedetto, the Official Timekeeper Maurice Lacroix, the Official Supplier Madi Ventura and the Roman radio Radio Globo.