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Would you like to be an official pacer at the Run Rome The Marathon in 2023?

The Call For Pacers 2023 initiative is aimed at any marathon runner who has substantial experience as a pacer in major marathons. 

If you fit the bill, fill in the form and apply to be one of those runners who dream of taking part as a pacer in Run Rome The Marathon – the biggest running event in Italy.

The Rome marathon on 19 March 2023 will be the greatest, most spectacular event due in part to the efforts, the abilities and the quality of the pacers – the guardian angels who help the thousands of athletes from all over the world to reach the finish line.

WHO ARE THE PACERS? Pacers have an important responsability. They have a mission to fulfil – to be a cut above the rest and to accept that when they enter the marathon, they must throw themselves on the sacrificial fire and do it solely and above all for the sake of others. 

Being a pacer isn’t just about running with the final race time written on a balloon on your back. It’s about supporting thousands of marathon runners and getting them to the finish line within the set time, giving them advice, encouraging them and setting a consistent pace.

A pacer can make the dream come true for so many runners – of reaching a much-anticipated finish line.

The tears, the hugs, the smiles, the medal, the applause of spectators and a new friend who might come from the other side of the world – these are the pacer’s rewards. Nothing else. All you need is a stopwatch and a big heart. 

HOW TO SIGN UP – Fill in the Call for Pacers form not later than 18 September to put your name forward to be an official pacer at Run Rome The Marathon 2023. 

Candidates of Italian or any other nationality may apply; the selection will take place in November

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