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Make your finish unique: personalize your marathon medal by engraving the time it took you to finish the race. Only then will it be forever yours and yours alone.
Note: Service reserved only for athletes registered for the marathon.

 ─────  PHOTO PACK

Sportograf is the official photographic partner of Acea Run Rome The Marathon
and will be close to you throughout your race, from start to finish!

Your ups and downs such as smiles and difficult moments will be immortalized in several memorable shots.
At the end of the event, these multimedia contents will be professionally processed and put online as quickly as possible, sorted by bib number.

Take advantage of the promotional price only in pre-sales at € 34,99.

The post-event photos will be downloadable here



Make your memory of Acea Run Rome The Marathon special.

Rome, with its marathon, its route, its monuments and its history, will be with you forever.
They will accompany you through the months and years. You will smell the scent, remember how happy you felt, every time you use them, you will feel their caress in your heart.

Discover and buy the Acea Run Rome The Marathon official merchandising products produced by the company Airone. Keep them with you always, or give them as a gift to someone you love. Rome is forever.

You can buy them right now on the Endu marathon registration platform, even if you’re already registered – Buy here

  • “500 ml thermal bottle”, every time you take a sip, you will remember the joy of running 42.195 km
  • “Dermasphere”, a product to help you relax your muscles after the marathon and after the most intense workouts
  • “Mug”, the official mug of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, for your breakfast or your relaxation, in the hottest and most intense moments of your life.

Discover here all articles of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon.


Your emotions, your running, is something unique. Make your official Acea Run Rome The Marathon T-shirt unique, too; in Expo on race days, go to the CUSTOMIZE SHOP stand. It will be located near the race packet/T-shirt collection. In a few minutes, you can print whatever you want for 5 euros.

You can buy them on the Endu marathon registration platform – Buy here


A rare unique piece to be shown off boldly, with deep eyes marked by effort and satisfaction.
T-shirts to be collected, pursued, desired and dreamed of. T-shirts to own.



Long awaited and much in demand, the official Acea Run Rome The Marathon backpack has arrived thanks to technical sponsor Joma. But be careful, it’s a collector’s item: only 3,000 pieces available, so don’t waste time.
A splendid souvenir of the most beautiful marathon in the world, for yourself or to give to some friends. To be used in the next group workouts or marathons around the world, but also to go to the gym, the pool or on vacation.
Anyone can buy the official Acea Run Rome The Marathon backpack on the Endu registration platform: both those who have already registered for the marathon and those who have not yet registered.
It will still be possible to purchase it, while supplies last, in the Expo Village on marathon days.
Collection of the backpack can be made at the official Joma booth in the Expo Village.



Acea Run Rome The Marathon is committed to planting 3,000 trees in the Pèten region of Guatemala, with the dual purpose of absorbing
CO2 emissions and supporting the economy and nutrition of local farming families.
Help us counter CO2 emissions by planting one or more trees in Run Rome The Marathon’s forest!

You can buy them on the Endu marathon registration platform – Buy here

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