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ROME – The Acea Run Rome The Marathon, scheduled for 19 September 2021, is conceived as a different, special, unique, absolutely unmissable marathon. There are a host reasons to run the Rome marathon, which will take place at the end of the summer following two Covid19-related postponements in March 2020 and March 2021.

Today we want to highlight the six main reasons to run the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, aware that a marathon is first and foremost a journey within oneself and that every runner has their own personal motivations for standing at the Capitoline marathon starting line.


The first great reason not to miss the Acea Run Rome The Marathon is in the tag: Alba Edition Special Race’. A dawn edition, a special race. This will be the first and only time that the Rome marathon starts with the rising sun and not at the usual time we are all used to. What makes this so special is that major international marathons around the world with sunrise starts are rare. Very rare. Practically unheard of. Rome marathon will be an unmissable opportunity.

The second reason is that you get to have the city all to yourself. At dawn, the city is for the runners, masters of the road, of the moment, of the sounds, of their own destiny. In the first early minutes beyond the course barriers will be the silence of a still-slumbering city, echoing the sound of only footsteps and breaths, then with the passing kilometers there will be a slow awakening, with Romans ready to take to the streets to cheer on the runners.

Reason three: September has the perfect climate for running. In Rome, temperatures in recent years on September 19 average 16°C at dawn (departure time), and 21°C throughout the day. Coming with the memory of the hot summer months still on the skin and in the body, it will be a more than suitable climate to run the beloved 42km course. Starting at dawn, the race will be over by mid-morning – well before the hottest hours of the day.

Reason four: the colours of Rome at an unusual hour. The first golden rays of sun peeking out from the east will illuminate and dazzle the tallest monuments: the majestic Colosseum right at the start, the Altare della Patria, the dome of Saint Peter’s, Castel Sant’Angelo and much more. A different, unusual light to be experienced, to remain etched in the mind and heart forever. Passing from the stars and the dark to the azure blue sky, with the still-night breeze refreshing the runners.

Reason five: energy. Waking early to go running is a life-habit that endows a sense of wellbeing, life quality, and of owning the day. Those who rise at dawn to train always find an extra gear, a vital vigour that lasts until evening. Running the marathon is just a longer run, without the hassle of the stopwatch.  There are plenty of other races and marathons to do with your head down, fixated on the clock, in search of maximum athletic performance. Rome, no. In Rome we leave early and run with our eyes on the city.

Reason six: the Return. The first major international marathon since the lockdowns and closures caused by Covid19. Acea Run Rome The Marathon will mark the return to normality that we all so much desire. It will be the right time to reclaim our lives and our routines. It will be time to start dreaming, looking ahead, thinking, planning and organising. Rome Marathon will be the first great dream, the start of a great race towards the future.


Registration open for Acea Run Rome The Marathon on the official website The purchase price of the bib varies according to date of registration. First tranche: from today until 24 March; following tranches ending 31 May, 2 August, and 10 September (deadline for registration).

Acea Run Rome The Marathon with thanks to the Title Sponsor Acea, the Technical Sponsor Joma, the Official Radio Radio 105, the Official Water Acqua San Benedetto, the Official Timekeeper Maurice Lacroix, the Main Sponsor Upim, the Official Supplier Madi Ventura and the Roman radio Radio Globo.