Individual entries for the 2020 Run Rome The Marathon are allowed only for athletes who will be 20 years old or more (including those who will turn 20 in 2020).

The requirements necessary for entries vary upon nationality, residence and membership with an Athletics Federation.

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I am a non-Italian citizens non-registered in Italy and non-registered with a foreign Athletics Federation affiliated to IAAF, how can I participate in the marathon?

Non-Italian citizens have the option to participate in marathons as competitive runners or as non-competitive runners. In this second scenario, there is no need for the athletes for a medical certificate and registration with Runcard. Instead, the athlete will be required to sign an ad hoc waiver form at the pick-up of the race packet.

However, please note that by choosing this option, the athlete will be starting in a separate grid at the end of the competitive event, independently of the relevant “Best Time”. The race time will not be displayed in the general leader board but will rather only be available next to the Athlete’s name, in alphabetical order, in a separate result table and the Athlete will not be able to receive any prizes.

May I register the morning of the race?

No, registrations are only online and will close on March 15, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Anyhow, the race organizer reserves the right to close entries before the deadline or accept entries after official deadline.

May I pay when picking up the bib?

No, payment must be done together with the online registration.

May I register even If haven’t renewed yet my 2020 membership with an Athletics Federation?

Yes, until March 19, 2020 you won’t be asked to submit any information regarding Athletics Federation membership.

Afterwards, it will be mandatory to enter your membership number.

Participants who completed their entries before March 19, 2020, will be invited by e-mail to finalize their registration by filling in the missing information.

May I register even if I do not have a Runcard membership or a medical certificate yet?

Yes, until March 19, 2020 you won’t be asked to enter any information regarding Runcard membership or medical certificate information.

Afterwards, it will be mandatory to provide the membership Runcard number in order to proceed. For registrations with Runcard, it will be necessary to upload the medical certificate on the Datahealth platform unless already uploaded on the Runcard Platform until 31/12/2019.

Participants who completed their entries before March 19, will be invited by e-mail to finalize their registration by filling in the missing information.

When is it necessary to use the DataHealth platform?

To complete the registration, participants (Italian and foreigners) will be asked to upload the medical certificate on the DataHealth Platform. Mandatory task if the medical certificate hasn’t been uploaded beforehand on the Runcard platform until 31/12/2019.

How can I verify my registration?

The registration platform will automatically send a confirmation e-mail of the correct application and payment receipt. Subsequently we will deliver an online tool to check the status of your registration.

If I cannot participate, can I get a refund for the entry fee?

Entry fees are non-refundable.

If the participant cannot take part to the event, the registration can be transferred to another participant, only if communicated to the organization not later than February 29, 2020.

The new participant will need to pay an extra administrative fee of 20,00 euro’s and fill in again the online registration form, providing all personal data, as well as info on Athletic Federation membership, medical certificate and fully accept the race rules.

Are there any advantages or promotions for sport associations and groups?

Acea Run Rome The Marathon is proud to collaborate with all sports associations and groups. There are many dedicated offers starting with a free bib for every 10 participants.

Write to us at and we will show you all the affiliations with the most fascinating marathon there is.

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I am a marathon runner over 75; do I have discounts on the registration fee?

Acea Run Rome The Marathon caters to participants of all ages.

We want to reward the longest-lived, most stoic and bravest marathon runners.

Here are the rates which we have thought of for you:

€ 50 instead of € 55 until 31/12

€ 60 instead of € 70 until 31/01

€ 70 instead of € 80 up to 28/02

€ 80 instead of € 95 until 15/03


Click here and join the world’s most epic marathon.

This promotion is valid for people who have are 75 years of age by the 29th of March.

For those who have participated in all editions of the Rome Marathon, are there any special promotions?

Acea Run Rome The Marathon rewards athletes who have always reached the finish line of all previous editions.

For you, the ever-present seniors, a free bib. Click here.

Are there specific promotions for Tour Operators?

We have created many perfect proposals for every requirement.

To find out more, write to us at

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th of March.

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Marathon confirmation letter

A few days before the race, all regularly enrolled participants will receive an e-mail as “official confirmation letter”.

This e-mail will enclose all useful information regarding race bib pick-up and race participation. There is no need to print the e-mail, you can show it from your smartphone.

Where do I pick up my race bib?

You can pick up your race bib (and participant bag) at the Acea Run Rome The Marathon Expo village.

Our location:

Ragusa Off

Via Tuscolana, 179, 00182 Rome RM (  )


Public opening hours:

Friday 27 March and Saturday 28 March

9.00 am – 8.00 pm

Times may be subject to change


How to find us:


Arrival at Tuscolana station About 300 metres from the station heading north-east on Piazzale della Stazione Tuscolana


From Ponte Lungo station (metro A) about 350 metres on foot via via Gela and via Tuscolana

  • BY BUS

Routes 16 – 85 – 412 Tuscolana/Gela stop about 130 metres away

What do I need to pick my race bib?

Your confirmation letter on your smartphone and document ID.

Can I delegate another person to pick my race bib?

Yes, handing over these documents to the person:

  • Document ID copy
  • Confirmation letter
  • Written and signed authorization from the race bib holder

What happens at the race bib pick-up if my registration is not confirmed?

The entry fee needs to result fully paid. At the race bib pick-up, you will have to go to the designated help desk to deliver missing documents and eventually collect your race bib.

What will be in the race pack?

In the race pack you will find the official technical shirt of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the bib number, the official program and the informative material


What is the date of the marathon and the start line?

Acea Run Rome The Marathon will be held on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 08:40 am (official start time might vary). The start line is located in Via dei Fori Imperiali.

What is the average temperature on race day?

Temperature in Rome at the end of march is usually around 12°C (53,6°F) at the start, reaching 18°C (64,4 °F) in the afternoon.

What are the course details?

Mainly a flat course with more or less 40 meters of elevation gain with 6km of cobblestones. (the course might undergo some minor changes).

What spots does the route reach?

The most beautiful and  famous spots in Rome: start and finish line in Colosseo and Fori Imperiali , Piazza Venezia, stairway to  Campidoglio, Teatro Marcello, Bocca della Verità, Circo Massimo, Porta San Paolo, Piramide Cestia, Basilica di San Paolo, San Pietro, Foro Italico, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Via Pacis, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna. (the course might undergo some minor changes).

Are there any planned grids and starting waves?

Yes, there will be 3 waves, each a few minutes apart from the other.

Participants will need to enter their corrals according to the following grid:


Personal Best Time





















Personal Best Time




















The “TOP” corral is also assigned to the organization. The organization has the right to verify the personal time declared from the participant and eventually apply appropriate changes to the bib number if any discrepancies are found.   Upon the race bib assigned, access to the correspondent corral will be allowed.

Following the rule 100R.T.I, participants registered in corrals “TOP” and “A” are considered élite athletes (men and women).

Will there be any entertainment along the course?

Yes. There will be many entertainment points along the course.

How to reach the start line:

BY SUBWAY:  The nearest stop is CIRCO MASSIMO, blue line.

BY TRAIN: From the train station ROMA TERMINI you can easily walk to the starting line in approx. 20 minutes. Otherwise you can take the subway, blue line and get off at CIRCO MASSIMO or hop on bus number 75.

BY CAR: We discourage participants to reach the starting point by car. If you absolutely cannot make it without a car, we suggest one of the parking lots near a subway or bus station.

Bag drop off

All participants will have to use the bag provided at Packet Pick-up. No other type of bag will be accepted. A baggage sticker featuring the runner’s bib number will be available for every participant – runners will need to affix the sticker to their bag to facilitate easy identification.

Remember, your bag will be allowed to contain only the clothing necessary for your post-race. Runners are asked not to deposit valuable items in their bags, as Acea Run Rome The Marathon will not be liable for stolen or lost items.

Start procedures

Runners may move to the assigned corral from at 7:40 a.m. until 8:30 a.m.

Latecomers will be placed at the end of the group. Access to the corral will be checked by volunteers that will verify your bib to assure you are entering the correct area that has been assigned.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon will officially start at 08:40 a.m.

The course

Please remember that the trajectory used for the measurement corresponds to the minimum walkable distance. It’s impossible for you to keep the same exact path during the race, hence its absolutely normal for your GPS to register a distance longer than 42,195km, it could also be of several hundreds of meters.

Timing detection

Our timing service will record the runner’s official time, beginning when a participant crosses the start line and concluding as he or she passes the finish line, as well as split times at 10 km, at the half marathon (km 21.097), at 30 km and of course at the finish line. In this way you will be able to have your “net time” even if you start from one of the last corrals.

Even if you will be provided with your “net time”, please remember that according  to race rules, gun time will be utilized in determining the rankings, that is the time calculated from the starter’s gunshot.

Time limit

The Acea Run Rome The Marathon course will remain open until 6h30’ after gun time.

Runners will be informed of the maximum time details for the various split times. At the end of the marathon there will be a technical commission formed of a technical manager, possibly a FIDAL judge and a Municipal Police Command Rep, who will evaluate the actual closure of the route based onthe last participants. Athletes who do not respect the passage times at the gates will be invited by the operators to retire or to continue running on the pavement and not on the roadway, in compliance with the Highway Code, in order to protect their safety.

Water points and sponging stations

According to IAAF/FIDAL rules, refreshment points are expected at the finish line and along the course, located at every 5 kilometers. In every refreshment point you will find water, sport drink, fruit and biscuits.

Every 5 km (starting from 7.5km), always according to IAAF/FIDAL rules, sponging points are expected at the finish line and along the course. In every sponging point runners will find sponges and water.

Pace teams

Our Pace Team will provide the valuable service of guiding runners to the finish with a specific time goal, you will recognize them from their clothing and colored balloons.

Pace groups will target the following finish times: 2h40′ 2h50′ 3h00’ 3h10′ 3h20’ 3h30’ 3h40 3h50’ 4h00’ 4h15’ 4h30’ 4h45’ 5h00’ 5h30’ 6h00’

Choose the group that best suits your needs.The time chrono refers to the real time (chip time) and any delay at the start will be recovered in the first half of the race.

Transport for withdrawn athletes

A special shuttle service will be available for Injured athletes or athletes willing to leave the competition, the shuttle will accompany them to the nearest collection point (km 21.097 – km 30 – km 35). From here they will be transported to the arrival area.Athletes who are able to walk can independently reach the nearest collection point.

Medical service

An adequate medical assistance service will be guaranteed along the route, with fixed stations and vehicles following the race.


What happened at the end of the race?

After crossing the finish line, you will remain in a channeled route and will find:

  • Finisher’s medal delivery
  • Distribution of the thermal blanket (if weather forecast makes it necessary)
  • Medical station (in the unfortunate event it is needed)
  • Refreshment point
  • Massage area, changing rooms and bathrooms.


Please remember, before returning home, don’t forget to collect the bag with your clothes

Where can I find the ranking?

Partial and final times will be available in real time by following the appropriate links shown on the website At the same time it will be possible to download the participation certificate.


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