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The former professional came 2nd in 2006: “I want to share my experience, I’m happy to be in this group”


In total, they have run 8005 marathons and over 330 thousand kilometres


ROME – The angels of time are ready to spur on the marathon runners who will arrive from all over the world on Sunday the 29th of March 2020 to run Acea Run Rome The Marathon. A marathon to run with head held high to admire the monuments and unique places of the Eternal City, 42.195 km steeped in charm and history.


The angels of time are the ‘Pacers’, that is, those in the race who have the task of helping the participants to reach the finish line at a predetermined final time. At Acea Run Rome The Marathon there will be 145 men and women, with times ranging from 2h 50 to 4h 30 with 10-minute intervals and then from 4h 30 to 6h 30 with 15-minute brackets. Recognising them in the crowd will be easy, with a colourful balloon you can’t go wrong, running the marathon in Rome with them will be simple and fun, you just need to choose your time and let yourself be carried away.


AROUND THE WORLD – The Pacer numbers of Acea Run Rome The Marathon are impressive. Out of the total of 145 athletes, there are 46 from Rome, while the others come from Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Friuli, Lombardy, Lazio, Marche, Piedmont, Apulia, Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia. Trentino Alto Adige, Tuscany, Umbria, Veneto.

New for this 2020 edition is the inclusion of 15 foreigners from Germany, Norway, Holland, Russia, Spain, England and even South Africa to complete the work of internationality and brotherhood that is a marathon.

Not only marathon runners, many of them are also triathletes and 40% are also ultramarathon runners. Experience is the common factor and if we put together all the marathons that we have run we would have 8005 marathons, equal to 337,770.975 km run, a huge number if we think that the circumference of the earth is ‘only’ 40,075 km and that of the moon 10,921 km. The pacers of Acea Run Rome The Marathon have raced 8.5 times around the world and 31 times around the moon.


THE RACES – Selected and managed by runner Federica Romano, they are all experienced athletes, they have played this role in many of the main Italian marathons and foreign pacers, as well as some Italians, also run as pacers in foreign marathons such as New York City Marathon, Chicago, London, Berlin, Paris, Limassol, Manchester, Liverpool, Richmond, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Porto, Prague, Leipzig, Paphos, Vitoria, Ljubljana, Milton Keynes, Buenos Aires, Visé (Belgium) and Nelspruit (South Africa).


WHAT CHAMPIONS – All equal, all strong, with a great passion for running and selfless, because having the commitment to be a Pacer means sacrificing your own performance and running while staying available to others, encouraging, helping and giving advice. Some names on the list certainly stand out, among these it is a pleasure to find for example Daniele Caimmi, a former professional of the Fiamme Gialle, who has worn the blue jersey many times in his career with a valuable 6th place in the marathon at the World Athletics Championships in Paris 2003. He has a personal best of 2h 08’59” in Milan in 2002, while at the 2006 Rome marathon he finished 2nd with 2h 09’30”.

“When I saw the opportunity to apply to be a pacer in Rome I didn’t think about it for a moment,” says Daniele, “And I registered. I’m very happy to be part of this special team of athletes and to be able to put my experience at the disposal of the many people who will come to Acea Run Rome The Marathon to perhaps try to beat their own personal best. I will be in the 2h 50 group; I can’t wait for the 29th of March because we’ll have a lot of fun, Rome is a city and a marathon that means a lot to me”.

Among the other Pacers we find:

  • Lucio Danza (3rd overall in the 1991 Rome marathon)
  • Matteo Ceroni (Milan-Sanremo winner – 285 km 2019)
  • Bruno Bonicalzi (finisher of the Arctic Circle Marathon 2019)
  • Elena Fabiani (Milan-Sanremo winner – 285km 2019)
  • Eleonora Corradini (ultramarathon national team, winner of the 100 miles of Berlin 2019, winner of the 100 km of Asolo 2019)
  • Lorenzo Gemma: 872 active marathons on 10/15/19


SPONSOR – Acea Run Rome The Marathon would like to thank the title sponsor Acea, the technical sponsor Joma – who will soon reveal their new jerseys, the media partner Radio 105, the official electric car Nissan, the Roman media partner Radio Globo and the official water supplier Acqua San Benedetto.





Cesare Monetti

Press Office

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