The ‘gods’ medal

The medal is the symbol of victory, the prize for the fatigue of the marathon runner who has run for 42.195 km; it will be kept in the houses of the participants worldwide.

The medal created on the occasion of the first Acea Run Rome The Marathon edition is unique, one in a million and is tied to one of the most well known and iconic symbols of the Eternal City. In fact, the perfectly round shape of the medal has allowed us to use our creativity in order to pay homage to one of the Eternal City’s most important monuments: the Pantheon.

The Pantheon is an almost magical eternal monument, thanks to the legend linked to its dome, and is rich in positive values because it was built in honour of all the gods. Its history evokes excellence and for this reason it represents the perfect symbol to give to all the marathon runners who will leave a mark in Rome.

Write down the time, make it unique

Although the medal is the same for everyone, whether fast or slow, you can make it unique. You can turn your sweat, happiness, emotions and memories into an eternal and unique souvenir by engraving YOUR FINAL RUNNING TIME on it. Only in this way will it be yours and only yours for all time.

How can you do it? You can pre-order the engraving on the medal on Endu (at a cost of 10 euros), and there will be a dedicated gazebo a few metres after the end of the race, where you can have your running time for the Acea Run Rome The Marathon engraved as soon as you finish.

The running medal

All the participants of each Acea Run4Rome team will also have the medal. The right recognition for a day of glory, happiness and team spirit. A medal is stuck in a drawer or hung on a wall, but the Acea Run4Rome medal seems to move and change places; it seems as if it is running and even after years it will remind you of how important it was to be there and of all your commitment for yourself and for your companions. You won. You are gladiators, you are marathon runners.

Walking or running, it doesn’t matter

The important thing is to be there at the Fun Race, the popular city derby of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon. The Colosseum is the symbol of the city and therefore of the medal; an event that everyone can take part in, be they adults or children, young or old, slow or fast. Taking part in the Fun Race is a symbolic way of conquering Rome and the Colosseum, the largest Roman amphitheatre in the world with 2 thousand years of glorious history.


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