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ROME – Acea Run Rome The Marathon on 19 March 2023, is giving the very best to the runners in this 28th edition of the race: the Colosseum. That’s right, none other than the Flavian Amphitheatre: the most famous, visited and important historical monument in the world.

What better incentive for the athletes to say yes, I’m in! I want to take part in Rome’s historic marathon! This event has it all: a tenor singing Italy’s national anthem, a fly-past by Italy’s celebrated aeronautics team the Frecce Tricolori, marching Legionnaires, music to pump up the mood, top runners flying in from Africa to stake their claim for victory, and also an event app so that the athletes’ friends and families can follow the race from home or roadside. Rome, the Eternal City, never disappoints. It’s going to be a thrilling day. 

THE MEDAL – More than 30,000 entrants will be lining up for Italy’s most popular sporting event. There are three distances: the marathon, the Acea Run4Rome solidarity relay and the SN4I 5k fun run. The official medal features the Colosseum, symbol of a city and an entire civilisation. Inaugurated in the year A.D. 80, Rome’s amphitheatre is the biggest in the world. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980 and in 2007 was named as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s certainly a prize to be coveted by the runners gathering at the start line: all those athletes who have been dreaming of this marathon for years and training non-stop this winter as they dream of the ribbon placed around the neck and another cherished accolade added to their collection – forever. Having a preview of the medal is a real thrill – now the athletes will have a maximum of 6 hours 30 minutes to bring it home, after walking or running for 42.195 km.