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The three medals of Acea Run Rome The Marathon: there is the Tiber, source of life for the marathon runner too

Acea Run Rome The Marathon of 27 March 2022 presents the medals. Everyone can achieve them, even children. Selected important symbols of Rome: the Tiber, the pavement of Michelangelo’s Campidoglio and the Columns of the Temple of Venus Genetrix

ROME – Courage, audacity, strength, resolve, heroism, history, determination, pride. These are the characteristics of each marathon runner who will take part in the Acea Run Rome The Marathon on Sunday 27 March. 42.195km to run, thousands on the path to conquer a goal and to hang around their neck the proof: the medal, unique and incomparable, to be earned with sweat, commitment, and effort.

Everyone can participate and feel like winners, from children to adults, from those who just walk to those who are fierce competitors. The Rome marathon opens its doors, embraces everyone and rewards them with their own medals; a symbol of personal victory, of a small or large achievement for everyone. Today, Acea Run Rome The Marathon presents the medals of its three events: the competitive marathon, the supportive and non-competitive Acea Run4Rome relay, to be run in a team of 4 people, and the 5km Derby Fun Race. The final option is reserved exclusively for participants under 18.

MARATHON – The prominent figure of the 2022 medal is the Tiber, an undeniable symbol of Rome. The Tiber crosses it, just like the marathon that runs for 42km between some of the world’s most unique monuments, through asphalt and cobblestones. And water. That’s right, the water in the Tiber, which flows through the capital’s eternal centuries and has accompanied marathon runners towards the finish line, and victory, for 27 years. 

Marathon runners run like the Tiber. Nothing could be truer; looking at the map of the route, you can see the river in the centre of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, just as it is in the centre of Rome, with its water, a source of life, essential for the marathon runner. Over the 42km you pass along many embankments, from Vittorio Gassman to Aventino, from Pietra Papa to De’ Cenci, then Pierleoni, Vallati, Tebaldi, Augusta, Maresciallo Cadorna, Grande Ammiraglio Thaon di Revel, and several others.

AT THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD – With the medal for the Acea Run4Rome supportive relay, Rome returns to the centre of the world. All four team members will be winners, and will place an important symbol around their neck. That symbol is the pavement of the Campidoglio, now the seat of the Municipality of Rome. Designed by Michelangelo in 1500, the pavement with a star motif, inserted in an oval, was intended to represent the rediscovered centrality of the location: the midpoint of the world, the place considered most sacred by the ancient Romans. And on 27 March, the centre of the world, and of the race, will once again be Rome. You could even call it the centre of all running.

DERBY – For the 5km Derby Fun Race, which this year is in person again after the scattered September 2021 version, is a run through history. The Columns, a tribute to the Temple of Venus Genetrix, located inside the Forum of Caesar, are depicted. The columns and the beams, a symbol of Rome and its thousand-year old history.

The temple of Venus Genetrix closed the square of the Forum of Caesar towards the pass that led to the Campidoglio, dominating its north-western side. Julius Caesar vowed the temple to Venus during the battle of Pharsalus, fought and won in 48 BC against his adversary Pompey the Great, and he inaugurated it in 46 BC. The term “Genetrix” alludes to the mythical descendants of the dictator, through Iulus, ancestor of the gens Iulia, from Aeneas, son of the Goddess, but also refers to the creator aspect of the divinity linked to the spring blossoming of nature. 

REGISTRATION OPEN – Registration is open for all three events of the Run Rome The Marathon. All the information is on the official website