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1. You might experience an unbearable thrill when, a few moments after the start, looking up you would see the Colosseum on one side, the Altare della Patria on the other, and the Palatine Hill at your back. It is said that there are runners still stuck in Via dei Fori Imperiali, overwhelmed by too much beauty. Forget it, it is too risky.

2. The mild climate of Rome in March is something that cannot be described. Probably the best weather conditions for running a Marathon. Or a relay, of course. Or whatever you want. Then oh, it might rain. Yes, I know. The trouble is that Rome in the rain is almost even more beautiful and romantic than when the sun is out. There is no way out. In this city, whatever you do is wrong. Yes yes, better to give it a miss, too many favourable conditions.

3. Everyone is so damn happy. In Rome it is well known that “to wish each other well” is a faith rather than a lifestyle. The atmosphere in the village, for example, is really too positive. If you are one who loves sadness, you may get really down. Not to mention race day. We never understood why you are all so happy and excited. Seriously. If you love sadness, there is no doubt: better not bother.

4. The food. What a mess. In Rome, you eat too well. A real problem because who doesn’t like to indulge in a moment of gastronomic joy. What do I know? A piping hot carbonara, a quivering cheese and pepper. Grilled lamb. Maybe some artichokes. At the end of the race. Are you crazy? Forget it. Rome is too dangerous a city in this sense. It is also inexpensive from this point of view. Better to stay well away.

5. It is really easy to get there. By car, by train, by plane, there are really too many ways to get to Rome. Fans of inefficiency might not be able to digest this simplicity and might be seriously affected.

6. Too much art, too many monuments. That’s enough! You spend the entire day on your phone taking pictures. That’s no way to live. You can’t rest your eyes. You don’t know what to post. Then imagine during a marathon. Do you think it is easy to run along the Tiber, cross the Spanish Steps, parade down Via del Corso? Remaining indifferent to so much beauty? It takes a certain strength of character. It is not for everyone, be warned.

7. Take advantage of the marathon for a weekend in the Capital (of the world). The idea is just too attractive and affordable. Our friends, husbands, fiancées could also benefit from it. Sharing our endeavour with them. Too much kindness? No, too much joy, in fact. Everyone stay at home!

8. The participants of the last edition, in September 2021, thought it was an incredible event: the organisation, the refreshments, the route. We must warn you: it will not be easy to get used to the idea of running a marathon in another city. Rome makes you raise your bar. And by a lot. It is the number one marathon in Italy. For its beauty, number one in the world by far. Runners be warned.

9. Suddenly, at km _ give or take, you are alongside the Vatican. Now, the grandeur of everything aside – it is not every day that you run, look up and melt into the virtual embrace of the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican – we believe it is the only marathon in the world that runs along the border of two States. Just saying. We haven’t checked this, but we didn’t know what else to write in point 9 of this very useful list. However, if you think about it…incredible. Ergo, just one State ok. But two…

10. If you have come this far, there are two possibilities. You have already registered for the marathon. If so, you are smiling. And we ourselves together with you guys. 🙂 Second possibility: you are not yet registered for the RRTM 2022. OK, here is the link to do that. Obviously – see above – we strongly advise against it. A giant carbonara could chase you and tear you apart, right on the finish line.

For those who, despite everything, are already registered or will decide to do so, well, see you in Rome on 27 March. But please: don’t tell anyone (brrr…)