Acea Run Rome The Marathon of 29 March 2020 cancelled - RUN ROME THE MARATHON

ROME – This is a message that Acea Run Rome The Marathon would never have liked to write, but unfortunately, following the health emergency that we are facing and the government ordinance, ACEA Run Rome The Marathon of 29 March has been cancelled.

We at Acea Run Rome The Marathon have worked a lot in the past months, we did so with professionalism and passion. We changed name, logo and interface with the idea of changing the marathon and the whole village. A big course with music and surprises were prepared and we were sure to amaze the marathon runners from all over the world.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon was with the runners in the free Get ready training sessions organised in Rome and many other Italian cities. We shared laughs, emotions, projects, and most of all time goals for the race. Their photographs,  videos and training sessions were reposted thousands of times.


The Acea Run Rome The Marathon will be suspended with this passion, this desire. Health is the one commodity that should never be under threat, but we want to make this promise: we will double our efforts, enthusiasm, colour. The eternal city with its beauty and its history will be here for all eternity.

We’ve set the date to 2021, the registration fee will be transferred and guaranteed for next year FOR EVERYONE. We are already dreaming of meeting you at the finish line in via Fori Imperiali on the same road the chariots and ancient Romans travelled on. Beneath the Colosseum, Acea Run Rome The Marathon will award the marathon runners two medals, one as a symbol of resilience and perseverance, and the other 2021 one as a metaphor for a double victory.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon has made significant investments in the past months that have brought about great results and we would like to thank the entire working team made up of dozens of people, the foundations, sponsors, and the RUNNERS from around the world that chose to run our marathon.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon will not stop, just as the marathon runners wouldn’t: strong, determined, and tenacious, nothing will ever stop our and their will to run.


Only those who fall get up again. We won’t just get up, we will run.

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