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Who is eligible to partecipate in the SN4IFUN Run?

The SN4IFUN Run is the non-competitive city run in conjunction with Run Rome The Marathon. The recommended distance to travel independently is about 5 km. Participation is allowed at any age. To participate, it is necessary to read and fully accept the rules in the regulation.

How will the SN4IFUN Run take place?

SN4IFUN Run will be in physical version (5 km) on Sunday 19 March 2023, with a departure time at around 8.30 from via dei Fori Imperiali. It will finish at the Circo Massimo. 

The SN4IFUN Run will have a virtual version on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March 2023 (48h of time to cover the distance), in an autonomous, widespread and independent form, with respect to any location and choice of time. The SN4IFUN Run is to be run over a distance of about 5 km.


How can I register?

Registration must be done online, following the instructions on the website If the subscriber has purchased a code from a third party, it is to be used on the site to finalize the registration.

How much does the registration cost?

The bibs of the SN4IFUN Run can be purchased through the official website of the event at the following rates:

Individual Children (0-8 years old)

  • € 3,00 – only bib and medal if applicable

Individual Adults (over 8 years old)

  • € 13,00 – bib + race pack + medal (if applicable)

Groups of at least 4 people (over 8 years old)

  • € 10,00 – from the fourth participants – bib + race pack + medal (if applicable)

My group (company, corporation, association, team, etc.) would like to participate in the SN4IFUN Run, are there dedicated offers?

Yes, write to us at to find out about the promotions we have designed for groups

Until when can I register?

The finalization/registration must in any case take place on the site of the event, in the appropriate section by 16/03/2023 for registrations with collection at the Expo village of the Run Rome The Marathon and by 11/03/2023 for registrations with home delivery.

Entries received after this deadline will not be accepted. The organisation reserves the right to close registrations in advance or to accept registrations after the closing date at its sole discretion.

In any case, on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March 2023 on line registrations will not be accepted but only at the Expo village.

Can I pay at the time I collect my bib?

No, payment must be made simultaneously with registration.

How can I verify my registration? Will I receive a confirmation letter?

The participants will receive an e-mail communication valid as an official “confirmation letter”. This e-mail will contain all the basic instructions for collecting the bib and participating in the SN4IFUN Run. It will not be necessary to print a hard copy of the email itself, it will be possible to present it on an electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet.

If I am unable to participate or the race is cancelled, will I be able to obtain a refund of the registration fee?

The participation fee is non-refundable. In case of event cancellation due to the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, registrations will be moved free of charge to the next edition.

If the race is cancelled, postponed to another date and/or, in any case, not held due to causes not dependent and/or not attributable to the will of the Organisers, including the revocation of the authorisation to run by the competent Public Bodies, for any reason whatsoever, the participant will not be able to make a claim against Infront Italy S.p.A. or other co-organisers, not even as a reimbursement of expenses incurred and sustained. The signing of the application form is also valid as a waiver of any claim for damages and/or compensation, and/or any claim for compensation and/or the reimbursement of any financial loss suffered and being suffered.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee includes:

  • Race bib;
  • Gym bag with any products offered by sponsors;
  • Official jersey in technical fabric (Joma);
  • Participation medal (for all under 18);

My school would like to participate in the SN4IFUN Run, are there dedicated offers?

Yes, send your inquiries to to find out what promotions we have created for you.

How can I do in case of registration problems?

Please send an email to explaining your issue and you will receive a response within 48 working hours.


Where can I collect the bib? Is it possible to receive it at home?

You will be able to pick up your bib (and race pack) at our Run Rome the Marathon Expo village upon presentation of a valid identity document and confirmation letter. The Expo will be open to the public on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March 2023 from 9:00 until 20:00 and is situated at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza John Kennedy, 1, 00144 Roma RM.

Recommended Subway stops to reach the Expo: 

  • Eur Fermi (B blue line) 10 min on foot (800m)

It will also be possible to choose the home delivery option at a cost of:

  • To Italy: € 5.00 per race pack or € 2.50 per race packs (group registration);
  • To EU countries: € 15,00;
  • To Non-EU countries: € 35,00.

For those who choose the home delivery option, the race bib and the race package will be delivered from the 1st of March 2023.

It will not be possible to collect the race pack on Sunday 19 March 2023.

Can I collect my bib on race day?

No, it will not be possible to collect the race pack on Sunday 19 March 2023.

What do I need to collect the bib?

The confirmation letter, an identity document and eventual documentation for the containment of Covid-19.

Can I delegate another person to collect my bib?

Yes, by delivering the following documents to the delegate:

  • Copy of identity document
  • Confirmation letter
  • Written proxy signed by the delegating party


What's the date and time of the SN4IFUN Run and the starting point?

Run4Rome will be on Sunday 19 March 2023, with starting point in Via dei Fori Imperiali at about 8.30 AM (start time may vary).

The official departure time will be communicated to participants in the days before the event. Please note that variations in the timetable may be possible due to particular technical/organisational requirements.


How can I upload my SN4IFUN Run time? Where can I find the SN4IFUN Run timing list?

For this race, both physical and virtual, there will be no time tracking service. Please note that the SN4IFUN Run is a free-running, non-competitive event.


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Questa promo è dedicata a tutte le ASD e SSD affiliate alla Fidal e comprende tutti e tre gli eventi in programma domenica 17 marzo 2024: Maratona, Staffetta Run4Rome e Stracittadina Fun Run.


Le iscrizioni alla maratona devono essere effettuate online su (i metodi di pagamento accettati sono quelli previsti dalla piattaforma Endu. Con la modalità “Gruppi min. 5 persone” pagando in unica soluzione con bonifico bancario le commissioni di servizio totali sono di soli 5 euro).

Il 15 febbraio 2024 alla società sportiva saranno conteggiate le sue iscrizioni totali (anche quelle effettuate autonomamente dai suoi atleti) al prezzo pieno corrente di tutte le scadenze (quindi saranno escluse da questo conteggio le iscrizioni effettuate con qualsiasi tipo di sconto: altre promo, codici, ecc…) e sarà così concesso il benefit di 1 codice iscrizione gratuito ogni 10 iscrizioni (Esempi: 10 iscrizioni = 1 codice. 20 iscrizioni = 2 codici. 30 iscrizioni = 3 codici ecosì via).

Evodata invierà nei giorni successivi gli eventuali codici all’e-mail Fidal (… della società sportiva (salvo richiesta diversa) così da utilizzarli e convertirli in iscrizioni entro la scadenza dell’11 marzo 2024 (questi codici non possono essere utilizzati per le edizioni successive).

La società sportiva che utilizzerà la modalità d’iscrizione “società sportive”(Endu4team) avrà la seguente scontistica attiva dal 1° agosto (NB: che NON darà diritto di usufruire dei codici gratuiti di cui sopra). Le iscrizioni devono essere pagate in unica soluzione (stesso momento) e al costo finale si aggiungono le commissioni di servizio.

– da 6 a 12 iscritti ad ogni scadenza: 10% di sconto sulla tariffa corrente

– da 13 a 24 iscritti ad ogni scadenza: 15% di sconto sulla tariffa corrente

– da 25 iscritti ad ogni scadenza: 20% di sconto sulla tariffa corrente

Con almeno 10 iscrizioni maratona effettuate la società sportiva potrà richiedere il cambio nominativo atleta al costo di € 10 invece che € 20 inviando la richiesta a entro massimo il 1° marzo 2024.

Consultare il regolamento maratona su per conoscere il montepremi in denaro riservato alle società sportive.



La società sportiva potrà richiedere a, entro il 28 febbraio 2024, codici con sconto del 10% per iscrivere online ciascuna squadra alla staffetta Run4Rome entro la scadenza prevista da regolamento.

Qui le info e il link per

Le iscrizioni alla Run4Rome rientrano nel charity program dell’evento e parte della quota sarà devoluta in automatico alla charity scelta all’atto dell’iscrizione.



Ogni fine mese (da settembre 2023 e con termine fine gennaio 2024) Evodata invierà direttamente ad ogni atleta della società sportiva già iscritto alla maratona 1 codice per poter effettuare 2 iscrizioni della stracittadina Fun Run al costo di € 5 per ciascuna iscrizione.

Le iscrizioni tramite questo codice devono essere effettuate online entro il 21 febbraio 2024.

Qui le info e il link per iscriversi:



E’ necessario leggere i regolamenti di maratona, staffetta Run4Rome, stracittadina Fun Run su .

Nello stesso sito si possono conoscere gli eventuali aggiornamenti di questa promo.


– Per criticità relative alle iscrizioni maratona:, iscrizioni staffetta Run4Rome:, iscrizioni Fun Run:

– Per questioni di carattere generale: