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In collaboration with the Italian Air Force, the “Frecce Tricolori” flying display team will take to the skies for their first-ever appearance at the start of an Italian marathon. The acrobatic display will be an unprecedented show for the 30,000 runners taking part in Run Rome The Marathon

ROME – 19 March 2023, Rome, Colosseum, Imperial Fora, 30,000 people lined up ready to start the conquest of Run Rome The Marathon, the Run4Rome solidarity relay and the Stracittadina 5k fun run. 

Imagine the scene: there’ll be music, the race announcer, the great champions lined up ready to win with thousands of runners behind them, the tenor singing the national anthem and then… everything stops. Nobody moves. Silence, thudding heartbeats. It’s time. There’s a flash, an adrenaline rush hurtling at high speed through the sky over Rome: it’s the Frecce Tricolori in their first-ever appearance at an Italian marathon, streaking through the skies to form the best and biggest tricolore in the world. Green, white and red blazing a trail of national pride to accompany the runners throughout the race. 

Yes, it’s confirmed, thanks to a collaboration with the Aeronautica Militare [Italian Air Force]. On Sunday 19 March 2023, just before the start of Italy’s most keenly-awaited sporting event, the National Acrobatic Patrol will fly over the Imperial Fora and an international line-up of 30,000 participants; in the main race, covering a distance of 42.195 km, about 60% of the entrants will come from 110 different countries.

Italy’s outstanding air display team is renowned throughout the aerobatics world and this appearance, in the centenary year of the Italian Air Force, will be a unique, powerful and much-anticipated moment which is set to make this day of sport, competition, wellbeing and solidarity a historic and unforgettable event.

This is Rome, this is Run Rome The Marathon. 19 March is the date for an unmissable event – a gigantic container of emotions and content that will fill the city with joy. 

The marathon runners will cross the city on a route that takes in over 30 historical and cultural monuments, a marvel that no other city in the world can boast. Then there is the solidarity – an important emphasis for the day thanks to the dozens of non-profits supporting the Charity Programme, the many musical and entertainment points along the route and the strong focus on environmental sustainability, underscored by the ISO 20121 certification obtained from RINA. These are just the top reasons that answer the question ‘why run the Rome marathon’; the other reasons are waiting to be discovered. Everyone taking part in a marathon has their own motivation and reason for lining up at the start, ready to live the experience as they dream of crossing the finish line in front of the Colosseum.

REGISTRATION – Entries for Acea Run Rome The Marathon, Run4Rome and the Stracittadina Fun Run are now open. You can register online on the official website

Cesare Monetti

Run Rome The Marathon Press Office