The Stracittadina Fun Race means party time at Circus Maximus!

Walk, run, meet other people and enjoy a Sunday spring morning in the city. The 5 km Fun Race is coming back to Rome on Sunday 27 March.
After the virtual edition of September 2021, the fun run is once again ‘live’. This year’s event is bound to be one to remember, and will see the runners lining up at the start line at the Imperial Forums, reaching Circus Maximus 5 km later. Safety is assured, and this year’s race will be even more fun, innovative and sustainable.
But it won’t just be Rome! Thanks to virtual technology, the fun run is open to anyone in Italy. Because it’s great to feel part of a big event, even from a distance.
Anyone, of any age, can take part without having to request a medical certificate. Entrants will receive:
A free souvenir t-shirt made from technical running fabric, produced by the race’s technical sponsor, Joma.
A race medal (under-18s only).
A gym bag of sponsors’ freebies.
SAFETY – Both the virtual and the in-person race will be conducted in complete safety. You can run wherever, however and whenever you want, with whoever you like. Gatherings are not permitted.

Reclaim the outdoors, fresh air and open space! The Stracittadina Fun Race makes every park, public garden and cycle path the ideal place for you to give free rein to your passion for 5 km racing!

SOLIDARITY – This fun run is strong on solidarity. As ever, we will be relying on the vital commitment and cooperation of our co-organiser CSV Lazio, a volunteer coordination centre that will soon be organising another “Good Deeds Day” to promote the cause of volunteering. Our partnership is keeping people talking about charitable work and volunteering, thanks to the active collaboration of many member associations across the country.

This will be a fundraising opportunity for all the non-profits involved: thanks to the fun run’s Charity Program, the member associations can collect entries and keep part of the proceeds to use in their voluntary work.

GREEN – The Fun Race is also launching an important project: Zero Co2. Through this initiative, a tree will be planted for each of the first 3,000 people to sign up to the fun run. Entrants can also double the number of trees planted by purchasing a bib for the race.


ENTRIESIndividual Kids (0-8 years)
€ 3.00 – bib only + medal

Individual Adults (8 years and over)
€ 13.00 – bib + race pack + medal (if applicable)

Groups of 4+ people (over 8 years)
€ 10.00 per person – from 4th person upwards – bib + race pack + medal (if applicable)

Early price Adults (8 years and over)
€ 9.99 – before 4 January 2022 – bib + race pack + medal (if applicable)



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