Can I participate in the relay race?

Participation is permitted to athletes aged 18 years or older on the day of the event. Additionally, athletes who have reached 16 years of age on the date of the event can participate in the first leg of the race (as length is less than 10Km).

Each athlete must be in possession of a medical certificate of suitability for non-competitive sporting activities (obviously a certificate for competitive activity is also fine). If you are unable to submit a copy of the certificate, you must submit a signed declaration of possession.

The registration for the relay race is per team, not individually. If you haven’t done it yet, find three friends who want to run with you, then sign up!

Is it mandatory to choose a Non-Profit Organisation to participate in the relay race?

Yes, the registration to the Acea RUN4ROME Relay Race is possible exclusively through one of the Non-Profit Organisations attached to the Acea Run Rome the Marathon Charity Programme.

The goal of the relay race is very simple:

1) have fun with your friends

2) raise funds to support important charity projects


How much is registration?

The registration fee is freely determined by each of the Non-Profit Organisations. Remember that this is not a simple registration fee, but a real donation to a charity project among the many that you can choose to support.

Can you sign up and pay on the spot?

No, registration and payment must be made in the manner indicated above

Can we sign up even if we don't have a medical certificate yet?

Yes, the medical certificates or the substitutive statement of possession must be shown only upon collection of the bibs.

How can we check our registration?

The online registration portal automatically sends a confirmation email to each team member when the Charity validates the team registration. Further practical information will be sent to participants a few days before the race.

When and how is the order of the relay racers established?

The order of the relay racers may be changed up until the day before the race.

Further information on the procedure will be sent to those registered in the vicinity of the competition

Confirmation letter

A few days before the race, all team members will receive a valid email as an official “confirmation letter”.

This email will contain all the basic instructions for picking up the bib and participating in the race. You do not need to print a hard copy of the email itself; you can present it on a device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Where do we pick up the bibs?

You will be able to pick up your bib (and race pack) at our Expo Acea Run Rome the Marathon village in the days before the race on 27 and 28 March.

The bibs and race pack must be collected at the same time by all members of the team or also just by a team representative.

What documents do you need to pick up the bibs?

To collect the bibs, the team representative must present the following documents:

  • valid identity document (for all team members)
  • confirmation email (on smartphone or tablet)
  • medical certificates or declarations of their possession (for all team members)

Security Procedures

Special safety procedures will be put in place in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation. In particular:

  • It is not permitted to bring inside the technical area any container (bag, backpack, etc.) other than the special bag provided by the organisation (and marked with the appropriate label with your bib number), inside which the individual items must be placed in bulk, to allow for an accurate and quick check by security staff.
  • The relay race member for the first section will have access to the starting meeting area from 7:00 AM.

Further information and details will be provided to the athletes in the weeks before the race with reference to the meeting places and times of the individual sections.

Bag Deposit Service

The Organisers will provide a free bag deposit in the areas adjacent to the start of each section. Management of the relay bag deposit will be detailed later on.

It is recommended not to leave personal belongings (mobile phone, wallet, etc.) inside the bags. While ensuring the utmost care in the custody of the bag, the organisation will not be liable for any theft.


What's the date of the relay race and the starting meeting?

Run4Rome will be o ¡n Sunday 29 March 2020, with starting point in Via dei Fori Imperiali at 9:30 AM (start time may vary).

The start for the first section

From 7:00 AM, it will be possible to access the starting sector. Unlike a marathon, where athletes are divided into several starting sectors according to their “credit time”, for Run4Rome there will be one starting sector. Anyone wishing to leave from the front must therefore be near the entrance gate to the “start corridor” at the time indicated above. The start of Run4Rome will be at about 9:30 AM.

The start of the following sections

The runners of the second, third and fourth sections will have to position themselves in the relay zone sector corresponding to their relay number. Each relay sector (about 30 metres long) is indicated by numbered pallets. Your relay number is shown on the bib. When your teammate arrives, he/she will have to give you the and at that point you can set off to run your section.

Where are the starting and finish points for each relay leg?

LegDistanceStarting pointFinish point
IstApprox. 7,0 kmVia dei Fori ImperialiVia Ostiense 161 – crossing Università Roma 3
IIndApprox. 13,3 kmVia Ostiense 161 – crossing Università Roma 3Viale Giulio Cesare – intersection Via Ezio
IIIrdApprox. 10,3 kmViale Giulio Cesare – intersection Via EzioVia Maresciallo Pilsudski –  crossing Parco Rimembranze autobus stop
IVthApprox. 11,595 kmVia Maresciallo Pilsudski –  crossing Parco Rimembranze autobus stopVia dei Fori Imperiali

Which public transportation service is closest to each starting/finish point of each leg?

AreaPublic transport servicePublic transport distance
Start/Finish à Via dei Fori ImperialiMetro B Cavour400 mt
Exchange point à Via Ostiense 161 – crossing Università Roma 3Metro B Basilica San Paolo700 mt
Exchange point à Viale Giulio Cesare – intersection Via EzioMetro A Lepanto100 mt
Exchange point à Via Maresciallo Pilsudski –   crossing Parco Rimembranza autobus stopStazione Piazza Euclide400 mt

Refreshments and Sponges

In accordance with the regulations, refreshment points are provided at the finish line and along the route, no more than 5 kilometres apart. At the refreshment points, water, supplements, fruit and biscuits will be present.

In accordance with the regulations, there are also sponge points along the route, no more than 5 kilometres apart. Sponges will be available to the athletes at all sponge points.


The measurement of the times and the processing of the rankings will be carried out by means of a system based on an electronic transponder (“chip”), which will be delivered with instructions upon collection of the bib. Athletes and/or teams that in any way detach and/or damage the “chip” cannot be timed and will not appear in the rankings.

For each team, the following will be recorded: the official time (from the relay shot to the finish line), the net time (from the moment the start line is crossed until the finish line), and the intermediate passes at the end of each section.

Medical service

An adequate medical assistance service will be guaranteed on the route, with fixed stations and vehicles following the race. There will be one station at the end of each section

After the relay

After the final finish, the relay racers will be channelled into special corridors to receive participation medals for all team members, for access to the final refreshments and other post-arrival services (bag retrieval, locker rooms, etc).

Where do I find the rankings?

The partial and final times will be available in real time by following the appropriate links on the website. Similarly, it will be possible to download the participation certificate.


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