────   ACCOMODATION    ────   

Special packages for your stay in Rome starting from one night with or without registration included
Late Check out – Early Breakfast and Ticket for public transport is included for everyone!

       ────   EXPERIENCE    ────   

Discover the beauties of Rome and choose the experience that fits you more.

RomaID (RomaIdentity) is a project created by private Roman citizens, to construct the new visual identity of Rome, beyond clichés. Its different souls are represented, from art to architecture passing through the common places, to its more urban, contemporary and people-friendly aspects, because Rome belongs to those who experience it for a day, a week or forever. From 2020, RomaID will collaborate with Run Rome to create a new merchandising project that can tell a story and allow the runner to identify with the eternal city. Telling the story of Rome and those who live in it, this is the goal.

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