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On Sunday 19 March, the running day signed by Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2023 will continue with Marathon Party in these 6 places in Rome, in piazza del Fico area, starting at 18.00!

All the places are affiliated and ready to welcome runners (marathon, relay or stracittadina Fun Run) with special promos. 

Just show the Medal or Bib of any of the 3 races, the discount is also available for their companions!

Bar del Fico – Punto di intrattenimento musica e DJ + Mauro Dell’Olio speaker.

Piazza del Fico 26, Roma

Instagram: @bar_del_fico


Via della Fossa 16, Roma

Instagram: @monsroma

Don’s – Meats & Spirits

Vicolo delle Vacche 9, Roma

Instagram: @dons_meats_spirits

Drink Art Gallery

Piazza del Fico 23/24, Roma

Instagram: @drinkartgallery

L’Angolo del Fico

Via della Pace 38, Roma

Caffè Parione

Via della Pace 40, Roma